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  4. Thomas Nunnally says:

    Hi, Mark. I found a Curado CU200 among family tackle and had no idea of its reputation! Thank you for this review. I want to use it, but being pretty green to baitcastin, I had a couple of questions I hope you can answer:
    1. What rod or rods would you recomment. I can afford only one, best quality at lowest price, and will throw crank baits, spin baits, heavier rooster tail etc., wacky worms, texas rigs, ned jigs etc., all the stuff I do with spinning rod/reel now!
    2. What line(s) would you recommend, type and weight, leader or tie straight on.
    If these are too many questions, know that I will appreciate anything you have time to write back.
    And keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your posts
    My God bless you.

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